Creative Writing Workshops

Immensely popular writing workshops are held each autumn in dozens of schools through New York City. These high energy, engaging workshops not only help get kids involved in the program, they also inspire kids to write creatively all the time. Workshops are hosted by teaching artists who share their ideas and philosophies with students and perform or recite from their own works. Workshops take place from October thru December.

Write Here, Write Now Lesson Plans

Created by Richard Hoehler and Trish Heimers, and edited by Evelyn Polesny, these six lesson plans are based on our engaging and high energy workshops. Designed for class periods of forty to fifty minutes, you'll find lessons for specific genres as well as those designed to sput your students forward toward writing in any genre. These creative writing lessons can be used in your Language Arts classes to start any creative writing project, or as a way to introduce your seniors to the Random House, Inc. Creative Writing Competition.

Click here to download a 2016-2017 "Write Now" Workshop Request Form (PDF).

Click here to download a 2016-2017 "Graphic Novels Now" Workshop Request Form (PDF).

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